The Evaluation Tools

We have a number of simple tools that you can use to see how near to fulll CAPA you are and what you need to do, if you want to, to improve the implementation

The 7-HAT

The 7 Helpful habits Assessment Toolgoto

This is the oldest tool and is based on the framework called The 7 Hepful Habits of Effective CAMHS that we wrote in 2004.

It has a number of the originator componetns of CAPA as well as a wider demand and capacity framework.

Now we might suggest using it after you feel CAPA is fairly well in play: the 7-HAT will enhance and widen the effects.


The CAPA Components Rating Scalegoto

This is an eleven item scale which asks you to rate your implementation of the 11 componets of CAPA. Each question is a 3 point Likert scale from none to full.


The CAPA Pragmatics Rating Scalegoto

This is simliar to the CRS above but it focusses on the pragmatics you have to have to make CAPA work. Some items are the same as the CRS and other more down to earth such as do you have a Choice diary?