Adult Mental Health

A new horizon...

We have only recently begun to talk consistently to adult mental health about CAPA. We worked with an AMH team in Christchurch , New Zealand in 2007 and more recently with the Wellington teams in New Zealand in September 2010. There was a fair bit of excitement especially from some of the users present.

In my own trust I (Steve) have talked with the adult psychology department and presented at the trust annual recovery conference. And I'm now planning to work with some local teams to think in more detail.

Since 2011 we have worked closely with Nova Scotia, both CAMHS and across the whole age span. and they are implemnting CAPA across the whole age range in the whole provice as part of a strategic plan and this is very exciting. Our next visit in October 2013

We both think there are clear and strong links between CAPA and recovery and that CAPA could be implemented (with some translation) into many aspects of AMH services.

We'll post further thougths and work as we develop  / hear of it.

So if you hear of anything let us know!

Resources so far