Halifax Conference

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Our first conference in Nova Scotia was in Halifax in 2011. The training venue was in Chocolate Lake Hotel, right on Chocolate Lake! We did 2 days with 98 CAMHS staff on training and implementation of CAPA. They had over 1000 on the waiting lists and really wanted some change.

Then we had a third day with directors and clinical leads of services across all of Novia Scotia. There were representatives of CAMHS, adult services, paediatrics and department of health. Had a really good day and lots of interest for further days.

We had a few firsts at this conference... 1) the health minister opened the first day and 2) we were interviewed by the Halifax Chronicle! Here's a link to the article...

Chronicle image

Since then we have spent another week in 2012 both in Halifax and the Annapolis Valley (interesting for us to do conferences in an Ice Hockey rink!) and we are back again in October 2013. This time Halifax, Sydney and other regional days. Really exciting.