Why Core and Specific?

Why are the two types of work are important?

OK we’ve described broadly the two different types of work but why have this separation at all?

The gains of having Core Partnership pathways are:

  • Many people can be helped by this level of work, within an average of 7 appointments (or your service average)
  • The gains of Extended Core Partnership skills are:
  • reduce bottlenecks to specific work
  • increase clinical flexibility (fewer queues/waiting lists to see a ‘specialist’)
  • allows us to identify AND PROTECT team and individual capacity for higher intensity or application of advanced techniques.

OK, so why not just have all Core or all Specific Partnership work?

If we just offered Core Partnership work then as some people need more intensive/advanced techniques they would not get them. They may not improve or there may be more need admit to an inpatient unit.

If we only offered Specific work then:

  • Many service users that could be helped by Core Partnership work would wait unnecessarily for specialists’ (often several!) resulting in delays, poor experience and long periods without any help
  • Their problem, and personal style, needs to fit a specific intervention and it may not quite
  • Bottlenecks arise from the multiple queues (waiting lists) to each ‘specialist’.